Welcome to the UTD GSS webpage. We are undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in the Geoscience Dept. of the University of Texas at Dallas. We make geoscience educational animations and videos about geoscientific processes and about the activities of our department and other geoscientific organizations. We try to make videos with science accurate and up-to-date content. In addition, we also assess our videos in classrooms to understand how to best design these videos to be education effective.


Making Geoscience-Based Educational Films for All Level
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2017 - 2020

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Sample of Department Promotion Video Made by UTD GSS

Geoscience Video and Animation Workshop

at GSA-SC, March 2020

2017 AAPG YouTube Video Contest Second Place Award Winner

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Winning Videos of the 4th UT Dallas Annual Geo-Video Festival prizes:


Siloa Willis

Made in 2019


Siloa Willis

Made in 2019


Audrey Donovan


Alayna Morgan

Made in 2019

UT Dallas Geoclub

UT Dallas GEOS 2018


on-going Projects (Supervised by Dr. R.J. Stern):

Siloa Willis - Global Tectonics, Rifting! (NSF Grant)

Kathryn, Zach, Garret, Eric, Ning - AGU 100 Yrs Videos (AGU Grants) 

Ning Wang - Earth Science Education Video Design and Assessment Research (GSA & NSF grants)

Ning and Garrett, et al - UTD Geonews Series



GEOS 4V08: Geosciences Animations and Videos. This is an undergraduate class taught from Spring 2017. It is a project-oriented course and the course grade is based on 4 projects:

Project 1: Storyboard and 3 page research paper with references, with 5-10 minute presentation

Project 2: 1-2 minute video about chosen topic

Project 3: draft narration

Project 4: 1-2 minute animation about chosen topic

Project 5: ~3 minute long hybrid video/animation that explains some geologic process; with student presentation. Must be accompanied by final storyboard, final supporting research paper, and final narration text All 4 projects are related to developing a ~3 minute long hybrid video/animation that explains some geologic process. 


Funded research PROJECT:

NSF grant Collaborative Research: Geoscience Animation: Construction, Evaluation, and Modification of Plate Tectonic Concepts for Geosciences Education (June 2017-May 2019)





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Wang, N., Stern, R.J., and Waite, L., submitted. Making and Assessing a Short Video to Teach Upper Division Undergraduate Geoscience Majors about the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico. J. Geoscience Education


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N. Wang and R. J. Stern, 2017. Using videography, 3D photorealistic models and an inexpensive drone to help improve geoscience research and education. 51st Annual Meeting 2017 (South-Central Section).



Geoscience Studio Videos, Animations Bring People Back to Earth


Ice Age superhighway: Camels and giant sloths once commuted along path of I-35


We are at UT Dallas, Research and Operation Center, 
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